For Emily D.

She is a vast dream I will attain, in patience I study as if named. My practice a word I write thru verse and rhyme, to never mistake her line.

For she is a glorious mystery to whom I cherish, my thoughts yearn to never embarrass. Her privilege as an author so ‘at once’ invoked she is as I am so…

Sonia Blumberg

To sea~~

The sea that I see takes years to sail a way upon its abyss of contained

~strife ~ and perfection~

Of hopes unkept and foolery known again…

My heart can rage wilder than the highest crest;

And yet soothes me like a calming aquatic ripple.

Never do I look ahead!

For the Sea, I see is dead.

Therefore I am content in my reservoir, ~my pond, ~my lake. That are to my LOVING eyes

~~~A sea~ to let go of hate.

Troubling Self

The calling of a Mind, 
does not come...

The rivers ongoing flowing-
Deceiving me towards-
Immense Waters...
The Infinity of Selfless Answers.

I do not Select one Right, one Wrong.
Their abundance doesn't help, it only
Pretends and prompts more Doubt.

When then do I arrive?
My Mind Wholeheartedly Shallow.
My House Empty.
My Strength Fibrous.

Take Away my Troubles.
Bleed out all Lies.
Shine with Love.
Die without Worry.

Oh Indifference, Oh Stubbornness- they forever Claim me.
And go to where I alone travel.

Yet with you LORD- I do not Battle...
Once YOU Conquer me...

Thank you Lord for your Great Mercy.

The Sleeping Tempest

Their Song Bubbles burst at High Notes.

And the Tide is a Chorus on the Sea, tis Gods Symphony.

A Thundering Orchestra is commencing…

A Grand Display not humbled by achromatic synchronicity. The Grays illuminate the streaks of Black, a watery organism now pops of Light, shine upon the transforming avalanche of liquid snow bubbling atop rolling cold Blues.

The sounds of Fury, Restlessness and Love.

A Gold Fish Fin at once twinkles its existence through the overpowering surge leaving the Memory to Wonder if True.

And the Current roars a wild Zephyr into my ears, and suddenly I awake to a Storm upon the Sea.

The Fish I know admire the Sky’s continuous patter, a much needed- and oh so replenishing- shower. The sound drenching on for hours.

At Last the Yellowing Sun embellishes a Sweet White Cloud, then rainbow song of quiet colors before the descending sun… Or a rising morning tribute- a new day not yet begun.

Either, soothe the oceans pondering of its power…

My sighs then Fall and my eyes Asleep.

Can you see the Dark Blue launch, the Waving Triangle on the distance is at peace, to Sail my Dreams without me.